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Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Everyone wants cardiovascular fitness - a strong heart and lungs. The best way to acheive this is through a program of regular aerobic exercise that matches your own abilities and condition. Use these tools to help you achieve your goals.
To start out, pick your activity from the selection below. This will automatically set your links and other activity specific actions. The range of aerobic exercises goes from aero-kick boxing to walking with enough variety in between to meet anyone's time and ability. We've assembled a wealth of information for a great range of activities. To use it, just select the activity you want, on the left, and click on the link below.

 Calculate your Heart Rate  
In order to get the most out of your cardiovascular/aerobic exercise, it's important that you keep your heart rate in the proper zone. According to the Karvonen method, each person has two zones: one for maximal aerobic exercise and one for maximal fat burning. To get your zones, enter your age and approximate fitness level. As always, if you are just starting any exercise program, be sure to consult your physician first.

 Heart Rate Zone Calculator  
Enter your age:
Enter your approximate aerobic fitness level: Beginner or Advanced
Your maximum heart rate is BPM
Your Aerobic Condidtioning Zone is between and BPM
Your Fat Burning Zone is between andBPM
 Pace and Calorie Counter  
Once you have picked an activity below, you can use the pace calculator to find how fast you went, and how many calories you burned. Enter distance and/or time, then click the buttons to calculate your pace and the amount of calories burned.
Distance: Km or Mile Calculate Pace
Pace: min/Km or min/Mi
Time (h:mm:ss) ::
Select your Exercise Level:
Calculate Calories
You burned calories